Towards a globally-competitive AI-literate workforce.

To enable more people to harness AI for their unique opportunities and challenges, this project seeks to provide AI education to diverse segments of the population, thereby contributing to a globally-competitive STEM and AI-literate workforce. Our work focuses on students from Namibia and neighboring countries.

Teaching approach

Our pedagogical approach consists of interactive learning materials and assessments that give students ownership of AI systems both via dataset development, and implementation of algorithms.

About <em>okalai</em>
About okalai

Okalai is an African word (Oshiwambo language) for someone who still has something to learn. Okalai is diminutive for elai. The literal translation of the word, elai (dialect: egoya) is “fool” .

Kala una ondjala (younongononi). Kala okalai.
Stay foolish. Stay hungry